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JJ Infotech has been Proven to support the best practice service management processes.
Understanding JJ: An overview of the core JJ Service Management processes. JJ fundamentals and the relationships between core processes.
Traditional Help Desk vs JJ Service Desk: What is the difference?





























Services & Solutions

JJ Infotech’s services span the entire application lifecycle. Our comprehensive delivery options enable us to distribute work across global locations to align with clients’ cost, speed, and risk requirements. This flexible mix of solutions enables clients to maximize the effectiveness of their application portfolios – giving them the means to achieve competitive advantage.

Business Process Outsourcing Leveraging our outsourcing excellence and process improvement expertise, clients partner with JJ Infotech to transform their operations — improving efficiency, quality, customer service, and speed-to-market while reducing their total cost of operations by 30-60%.

Application OutsourcingJJ Infotech helps clients manage their portfolios of business applications through Application Outsourcing services. Recognized as the premier applications outsourcing provider by leading industry analysts, JJ Infotech has an unparalleled ability to help clients cut costs, increase flexibility, and improve performance.

Application Development & Integration – Drawing on our expertise in project management and application integration, clients work with JJ Infotech to explore new technologies and integrate them with existing applications. As a result, they are streamlining their processes, leveraging critical data, and capitalizing on market opportunities.

JJ Infotech's Testing Service is backed by a lifecycle management approach – ensuring that testing occurs at the outset of software development and throughout the development process. By outsourcing testing to JJ Infotech, clients rapidly and cost effectively improve the quality, efficiency, and results of existing and future development projects.

Offshore Delivery – Leveraging a blended strategy that spans on-site, off-site, nearshore, and offshore delivery, our clients can dynamically tune work distribution to meet their cost, delivery, and risk objectives – resulting in the ultimate sourcing solution.

Project Management – As the recognized leader in project management, JJ Infotech shares its expertise in successful project management through a variety of consulting services, seminars, and workshops.

Public Sector – Our in-depth knowledge of government environments, requirements, and restrictions makes JJ Infotech the ideal IT solutions provider for the public sector. Our Public Sector Division helps federal, state, and local governments apply commercial best practices to drive productivity improvements, strengthen their IT infrastructures, improve quality, and reduce costs.

JJ Infotech has the expertise and experience to help you optimize your investment in information technology to meet the financial, business and regulatory pressures that are part of today's dynamic industry environment. Our customized solutions are designed to help your organization take advantage of new opportunities, meet your unique challenges and focus on areas critical to your strategic success .
We provide expert services in virtually every facet of information technology management, from implementing emerging technologies to supporting day-to-day IT operations. Our products and services ensure that your investment in information technology results in a measurable contribution to your organization's health and growth. .
We can provide your organization with flexible solutions that translate to improved performance at reduced costs.
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